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PCT: Lots of Doubts

well, guys…there is not exactly “PCT” at this point. so I’ve used clomid for a long time (like a whole year) and had to stop because of vision issues. So I decided to do one 5000iu shot of HCG (I know, but I got sad my test levels were like nothing). Just for you to know, I did this on May 6. So my question is: I know HCG supresses LH/FSH and that sucks, but can I counteract this effect trying to impulse my pituitary to restore my HPT axis again? I’ve anastrozole here and I’ve read NCBI and schielo papers that it can do a reboot on my GnRH and LH/FSH levels. I don’t know if I have to wait for the HCG clearance…well, I got some blood work scheduled to do, including LH and FSH and it would be nice to see improvements. Well, I could get me hand on clomid again and use 25 mg, even that nasty thing screws your eyesight up.

Can someone be nice to me? I’m going through very hard times, I’m just asking for a little help and you guys are far more experienced than me.

P.S.: there is no doctor available at this time and I’m going crazy, I want my sex drive back and clomid did the job. I know tamoxifen is quite dangerous too, but just say I do a little…would that be nonsense?

What was the reason for taking clomid in the first place? Prior cycle? Not sure what your dose was. Re: HCG that is far too much to take at once. Nolvadex is a superior PCT drug to Clomid due to its less risky side effect profile. You could try the HCG for a couple weeks but you wouldn’t want to take more than 1000iu per week and should split that up in multiple pins. Then switch to Nolvadex for (4) weeks of PCT.

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because I wanted to sustain my testosterone levels without TRT. Well, since I did the last shot (5000iu) on May 6 and I know the HCG is still acting in my body, I have this feeling it’s still supressing my LH and FSH, BUT somehow I want to try to restore them before my blood work, even HCG still remaining in my system. is that wrong? tamoxifen could destroy my eyesight aswell?

and, well…I would use 25mg of clomiphene, nothing more.

Not sure about your goal here. You can’t, in my opinion, efficiently “sustain” testosterone levels without shutting your system down in sone way or another. Yes, clomid stimulates your system but has sides and I’m sure impacts other hormones. HCG only mimics LH so that won’t help. If you need TRT then go the testosterone route. If you want a restart, I’d run a PCT but what’s the point. You’ll only get back to original levels, at best. What are you trying to achieve?

I wouldn’t worry too much about 25mg of clomid/day. It s usually high doses like 100mg that many guys get bad reactions to it. Both tamoxifen and clomid are relatively safe as long as you don’t take more than you need, and drop back, or cease if you do get unwanted side effects.

Also with self prescribed clomid monotherapy you should still cycle it, like almost every drug, just to give your body a rest from time to time.

Like mfezdro said if you feel your natural T is too low(and it clinically is) you should look into genuine TRT.