PCT/Libido Help Needed Please!

Ok, I have done about 5 cycles in total, normally standard 10 weekers Test/Sustanon/trenbolone etc…I got fed up of it being so difficult to get my sex drive back,(even when using HCG) I decided to take break from gear…that was back In May 2007…the crash was terrible, no energy etc…I manage to keep training and do somer cardio… by October, after using Tribulus in high dosage I finally get horny again -

In December my libido dropped slightly…however, I then go on a very low course for one month of Test Enanthate/Equipoise for 2 weeks, Test testosterone propionate for 4 weeks, with Armidex every other day for the whole course - for the first time ever I DID NOT get hornier using gear - was this the Armidex causing this?

Anyway, I make sure its all out of my system after 1 month, start Tribulus, ZMA…
I follow the instructions on one brand ie 5 days on 2 off and feel great, libido was much improved, but when Im off for the two days I lose libido…going back on didnt help -

I was confused as I thought it should still be in my system from the prev 5 days…anyway I finish the Tribulus by brand “A”, use another brand and slowly my libido comes back…not as strong as when I initially started (maybe it was because at first I had a fling with a woman at that time but that was brief and ended, therefore at the time providing me with stimulation?), but it has dropped a little bit again…still on the tribulus since Dec 27th…any ideas as why my sex drive is all over the place?

Have u ever done full bloodwork? I willing to bet that it will answer all your questions.

Never…what do you think I should do?

[quote]John Mclane wrote:
Never…what do you think I should do?[/quote]

Uhh, full bloodwork.