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PCT Keeping Gain?


As a novice I am still learning everyday, but one thing that I am quite unsure of is how a good PCT helps keep your gains.

AS far as my understanding goes, PCT helps keep your gains by getting your own natural teat levels back to normal as quickly as possible once the synth. test has diminished.

Is this correct? is this the only way it helps? I am wondering then if without PCT your body has to take 6-12 weeks to naturally regain its own test levels to normal, in this 6-12 weeks just becuase you have very low test levels why would your muscle mass decrease even if you are still training hard?



Recovering natural testosterone levels is crucial to keeping gains :slight_smile: which is a big point of PCT.



i am a newbie too but this is my understanding of the problem:

our body "works" on balance, testosterone and estrogen are the main player for this balance. So when we are ON we take our T high and modify natural balance to have a higher anabolic time. When we go off our test is really low but our body simply try to regain balance. In that time E is too much high taking us in a catabolic schema. So we need to take it down with PCT.
Also PCT help us to shorten that unbalanced time....


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Nice one guys hanks for advice cheers