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PCT Just A Quickie!

Hey guys, plan on running my second cycle come 1st November just want some information on pct will only list the 2 steroids im using I want answers to

EQ 200
and Test Cyp 300

Question is both of these have (what ive read) active lives of over 2 weeks, am i right in saying I wouldnt want to start my pct untill after they have cleared from my system just for arguments sake, i take my last jab on 1st of a month would i then start pct on the 15th of the mnt ? (if designed to stay in system for 14 days just as an example) - wont lie I neglected this aspect last time around, so want to get it right just going through a lot of confusion and want some setting me straight! - thanks

You might need to wait longer than 2 weeks.

If the half life is two weeks you would theoretically still have half of your last shot in your system if your last shot was two weeks prior, and maybe some from previous shots.