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PCT is Over. Moody, Tired, Craving Sweets

3 Weeks of Clomid, 5 weeks out of the last shot…

High points,
Good results strength gains maintained, ( I have good spotters that dont allow me to fuss) as well Sprint Reaction and Cardio Endurance.
Libido is Normal.

My craving for sweets, pasta, carbs in general are over the ROOF !!! What is this ??, could this be estrogen rebound ?


What was your cycle, how long did you run it?

Estrogen ‘rebound’ is an over used term that should never be an issue with the use of I’s during a cycle.

It is a term that often describes (IMO) the dominant level of estrogen that is ‘left’ once the androgen level has subsided.

If you control aromatisation - even with a non-suicidcal - during the cycle, plus during any waiting period, you should not have issue during or post PCT with high estrogen. It needs to come from somewhere and if it isn’t aromatase, you will not have a means to increase it any other way (other than directly).

It COULD be the clomid, due to it being a relatively high dose of SERM - and i know that for many it can cause emo problems. I can easily see some ‘self medicating’ with sugar too (simply from the fact many women do this during menstruation).

Have you been on low carb?

[quote] Brook wrote:

Have you been on low carb? [/quote]

Yes, now this opens another variable, might this be a natural diet rebound ?

Clomid emo effect, could be; WTF Ill suck it up, started to include complex carbs in all of my meals, and bring my diet back to normal, next time should I use Tamox ?

How long have you been on low carb? Do you re-feed/carb up? You need to realise that there are a million variables that may be of importance…

I personally would NOT be worrying about sweet cravings when on a carb restricted diet (i personally dont crave to bad even on zero carbs, but hey) - and i certainly would not be concerned with my recovery if all signs pointed to an ample recovery.

By all means use tamox next time sure, but i doubt that is the issue. Cravings pass - man up.

If you have been on a low carb and carb up WITH sugary foods (as is common for a fast insulin response and peak anabolism) this can increase cravings, if you are not carbing up, this can too… if you have a slightly out of whack E:T ratio - i am sure this can help (increase cravings for sweets)… but you either need to be a whole lot more specific in training, diet, supplement and pharmacology use over the past month, OR you need to work it out for yourself… Sorry if this sounds harsh.

I personally won’t be working through all the aforementioned variables as it will simply take too long for a forum post for my own taste… But it hopefully gives you an idea of the depth of which something as benign as a sugar craving can go… IMO at least.

Shit - maybe you need some sweets for a day!