PCT Input?

I have both Clomid and Nolvadex available. My initial plan was to use nolva throughout and Clomid specifically post cycle. With the length of my cycle and how much nolva I have available, I have the option to either
A-Take half a tab a day (nolva)
B-Take 1 tab eod (nolva)

Due to the long acting esters in my cycle I won’t begin Clomid untill 4-5 weeks after last injection and run for 4 weeks at 100mg/ed week 1 and 50mg/ed for the following 3. I’m asking for input on nolvadex usage. I’m sure that many will suggest not to even use Novladex unless symptoms occur, but being a paranoid indavidual I am going to be very cautious. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.


what AAS are you running and at what dosages?

(Week 1) 800mg Eq ,30 mg anavar Ed

(Week 2) 400mg EQ, 25 mg anavar Ed
(Week 3) 400mg EQ ,25 mg anavar ED

(Week 4) 400 mg EQ,
(Week 5) 400 mg primo,

(Week 6) 300 mg primo,

(Week 7) 300 mg primo, 30mg anavar Ed

(Week 8) 30 mg anavar Ed

I know throwin some test into the mix would be ideal, but this is what I’m workin with here

4 weeks of EQ? Boldenone Undecylenate?

LOL!!! Way too short!

I highly doubt that the nolvadex is necessary, but if you are that paranoid about it, run it ed to keep blood levels stable.