PCT Info Needed

i just got some nolvadex (10mg) i was planning on taken 30 mgs a day
how should i go about doing this? 1 am 1 lunch 1 pm? any info would be great i just enedd a m1t cycle and can get shit from the net! thanks to all who help!

I’m not too familiar with M1T, so you can take my advice with a view that it may not fit into what your require.

After a Test cycle I run Nolva for 4 weeks generally. First two weeks is 40mg per day, final two weeks is 20mg per day. Dose is spread evenly over the day, not taken in one big load.

Hope that helps a little.

From what I know (haven’t gotten to Novadex yet) it doesn’t really matter at what time you take it, as long as you take the dose the same time every day.

thanks for your help ive done my research im doing 20 mgs un till i finish both boxes. M1t is a prohormone that was banned with the andro’s etc. amazing result gained, and with a good pct you can keep them all. my size and strenght shoot through the roof and i only lose a tiny bit with a weak pct like 6-oxo or nolvadex extreme by gaspari ( another natural test booster). as well as very little strength losses. im hopiong to keep all gains, with this pct and proper diet and rest.

where did you aquire these pills im in the hunt for after my superdrol cycle :x