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I ended my 9 week (overdrew a little very week) Test E cycle of 500mg a week.
It ended 2 weeks ago and I started my PCT 2 days ago. I'm doing 40mg of clomid a day. Just the past day or two I'm having a bit of a hard time maintaining erections where as on my cycle (obviously) they were rock hard and lasted forever.

I have armidex and nolva on hand as well, should I stick with this or what would you reccomend? I'd like to get my natural test back as fast as possible. Thanks.


It's possible the Clomid is driving your estradiol levels too low resulting in sexual dysfunction. Overshooting with SERMS and AI's tend to do that. You may want it on the low end anyways in order to help kickstart your nads again.


Test taper. Nobody ever has these problems using the taper approach that are typical from posts of people using serms or hcg post cycle.


Do you have to taper a Test only cycle, even though it tapers itself? Or is that too quick of a drop off of "outside" test and one should taper it for 4-6 weeks so the body can start producing its own while still getting "outside" test.