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yesterday i finished my Anavar/halodrol cycle.

i finished the anavar may 12. In my initial plan i was suppose to be taking it 8 more days after i finish the halodrol but i had to up the dosage and i spilled some of it.

I've been taking novadex xt by gaspari 10 days ago. 2 a night then 3 a night. yesterday i started with 4 a night. What else do you all think i NEED to take? also is a cortisol blocker important?

i also read this article that said once you finish a cycle of aas you should hit the weights less because of all the cortisol that is released. Does anyone know anything about that? should i continue lifting like when i was on cycle? or should i lift way less?

any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to lose any of my gains.


i think you NEED to take some proper PCT like some REAL nolva.


I have real nolvadex, but i wasn't sure if i needed to use it. I figured the otc novedex would be enough. what about the whole issue with the cortisol being released all at once. should i keep working out like when i was on cycle or should i take a break?


The halodrol is probably more suppresive than the var, like most of the shit prohormones these days. I would take the nolva for a few weeks, eat more, and stay in the gym.

How were you gains strength wise and weight wise?


Start your Nolva now. ATD (Novedex) is NOT sufficient for PCT. It should always be ramped down, not up. Start taking the Nolva at 40mg/day for a week than 30/20/20. I would drop the ATD completely and use the Nolva exclusively.

ATD is worthless on cycle for most of these OTC steroids. They already suppress estrogen alone and using ATD only suppresses it even more.

You'd better hope for no post ATD gyno...


What's ATD?


doesnt sound to me like you went into this prepared or knowledgeable at all.


is ATD Absolute Titty Destruction??

just kidding, but really what is it?


Seriously. I dont use, nor am I very knowledgable about the subject, nor am I going to offer any help other than plan out your next cycle alot better than this one.