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Hello everyone, I'm new to this site. I've come here hoping to get some help for an issue that I have going on. I've taken some real stupid turns in life so I don't need anyone telling me how much of an idiot I am cause I know trust me lol! So here's the issue, since 2007 I've taken several cycles. 1st cycle was cypionate 1cc 2 times a week followed that up after 8 weeks with nolvadex.

Then months later recovering with no issues I began another cycle. This time it was more intense cypionate and deca 1cc a week. Then about the last 2 weeks of that cycle I did tren 1cc eod. Followed up with no pct. Still after that cycle I was able to have normal erections and the ablility to ejaculate. Months after that I began anither cycle of ethanate 1cc eod tren 1cc eod and deca 1cc per week. I was in comoetition against a friend and didn't carei just wanted to get bigger and stronger than a friend of mine.

After about 3 weeks I stopped the deca. 14 weeks later I got completely off cycle. I then had a friend of mine who got me a real script of nolva for my gf and I took that for about 40 days. My girl no longer wated me on cycle and insisted for me to stay off. Well that didn t last lobg cause I couldn't get hard, I mean no matter what she did and she's fine and amazing in bed. Few months later I got back on cycle to sace the relationship. I began taking ethanate 1-1.5cc eod for abiut 6 months.

Then my gf and I decided to try and pct again as I was getting too big and people were starting to assuming what I was doing. Do to my job I could not get any of that kind of attention. Now its been almost a year and I'm still having issues. I've taken clomid, nolvadex, arimidex and multiple test boosters. Only thing I haven't tried is hcg which I haven't been able to get my hands on. Please if anyone has any help they can give me as I feel like shit, grumpy, having weak erections, and can only ejaculate 1 time a week if I'm lucky 2 times.

Also I have been to an endo and she said cause I was ranging between 275-300 for test levels there is nothing she can really do.


Well since you seems to know you fucked up, Im not going to tell you how bad you fucked up. Your first step in solving this problem is to get blood work too see where all of your hormones are currently at. Without that there is really no proper way to “fix” your problem as we can’t tell exactly what is wrong w/o blood work.

It might also be wise to try and find an good endo that will work with you, because more than likely you’re going to need a pretty aggressive restart. Which will hopefully work, and if not you might end up on TRT for the rest of your.


First off, your Endo is a retard. Secondly, get some bloods done, they aren’t expensive.

Sounds like elevated prolactin (kind of unique for its semi-erection killing + anejaculation) but that is just a guess.

Did your endo order more bloods?


A T range of 275-300 makes you a perfect candidate for TRT. Go to an Anti-aging clinic, instead of an Endo. Most will put you on for anything under 500 (after all, the more pts they have, the more money they make).

You’ll have to check with your insurance if you plan on using that to pay for it. My insurance will give me full coverage if I test under 400.


maybe try HCGenerate, unleashed and post cycle from ntbm?

i can testify to its effectiveness.