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PCT Help

I have been working out for about 6 years now was on the pro hormone game for a while after finaflex got pinched for superdrol added into the mix I been working out with no supps .
I have been on a deca /sus cycle last year with proviron nolva as pct.
I did get gyno from the finnaflex due to its nature and there pct sucked

my cycle this summer will be
Weeks 1-10 500 mg Test Enanth 250 per week.
Weeks 1-10 250 mg Deca250 per week
Weeks 1-6 40 mg Methan 10 per day
Weeks 1-10 .5 mg Anastrozole per day and continued for 10 days after cycle

any advice on to grab nolvadex or armiadex for gyno during and after cycle ?

nolvadex should suffice for pct, you can run it during your cycle as well even though the adex should be enough to control gyno. Nolva is said to lower igf1 though it is debated how much it actually effects growth…

Nolva for pct, and I would run the test at least 2 weeks longer then the deca, preferably 4. Look into getting a DA as well for the deca

I will be running te tet longer than the dec any suggestions on if I should bridge or. Stick to nova clomid and my hcg for pct