ending a cycle of tren and test and cant find a PCT anywhere!!! im getting seriously worried.

i dont know if clomiphene citrate is the same as clomid, and i dont know the proper dosage and administration

getting very desperate here and would greatlyyyyy appreciate any help you guys could offer, thanks alot!

ok i know this is a newbie bullshit post, and i apologize for that lol i just need the proper dosage for clomid and someone to confirm that i let it dissolve underneath my tongue, thanks t nation

Well I hope you learned a lesson here.

Yes they are the same.

Standard would be 100/100/50/50

I would highly recommend stopping the tren at least two weeks before you stop the test (if you are running tren E). If you do some “research” you might find some “chems” you could buy. No need to dissolve it, just swallow it.

what do you mean by 100/100/50/50? im sorry man i was thinking i would get a certain amount of mg a day for a certain amount of time.

why do you recommend stopping the tren before the test? are you suggesting 8 weeks of tren at a higher dose or some thing like that?

What I mean for pct is this

Week 1- 100mg per day
Week 2- 100mg per day
Week 3- 50mg per day
Week 4- 50mg per day

So 100/100/50/50

What ester tren are you running, enanthate? Ace?

ok cool thank you!

and running tren e and test e

That was my last cycle, except I ran mast and var with that. Awesome cycle, anyways

The reason I say to cut the tren out 2 weeks before the test is because 19-Nors tend to linger around awhile after stopping and you want the tren to be out of your system before starting pct. also some people have a hard time recovering from 19-Nors and extended the test a few weeks help. That is what I did, ran the test 4 weeks longer than the tren. Recovery went well, 3 weeks out of pct and I feel great.

well its too late for that but i will make sure to do that in my next cycle thanks man

what is mast and var and why did you run them? ive heard of provirin and armidex and a couple other things to help with sides but never those…

To late for what? To continue the test ?

Masteron and anavar is what I ran

yeah im out of both, for next cycle should i just run 2 ml a week of each, and just buy an extra bottle of test? or do you do it some other way?

why did you run those? i looked them up and masteron makes other steroids aromatize and anavar isnt very strong at all…just curious i am always looking for new information on cycling

so 100/100/50/50 is the weekly dosage right?

First thing you should ask yourself is what you’re looking to get out of your cycle. Some compounds work really well for somethings and not so well or at all at others.

Basically the compounds BUDs ran, Tren/Test/Mast/Var, work very well for strength gains, quality muscle, staying or getting leaner (although not ‘cutting’ drugs they do exhibit a leaning effect) and little to no estrogenic effects. Tren is a very good compound however it can be very damaging as well if over used and abused. So it’s not recommended for long cycle usage. Also, as he stated, should be stopped a couple of weeks before the test.

You ask why those and gave some reasons… well you have to look at the compounds in combination. Certain compounds compliment each other very well and in so you get a great benefit from ‘weaker’ ones like Var. Although if you run the right dosage you’ll be fine with it.

I’ll add to the above discussion about your PCT… I’d suggest running HCG during cycle so that when you hit PCT time your recovery is much easier and faster. No downs at all. Or shouldn’t be if run properly. As with anything else there’s a correct way to run HCG during cycle also. I would NOT suggest running it throughout the whole cycle. Perhaps just the last 8 weeks of a 12 week run.

Lots of info to digest. Just keep doing research and when you;re done… do a little more.

haha thanks man its just hard to do research since im in paramedic school and am doing clinical time and studying all the time as it is, but yes research is needed thanks again