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Pct Help


I'm just starting trimethyl..and I have already been lectured on how bad it is not looking for that here.. But anyways I have a pct in mind but I really would like suggested pct from people of more experience than myself...Also I have heard some good things in throwing animal m stack in the post cycle...would like to, if possible, continue strength gains (preparing for football)..Any advice is helpful


Not the right forum and I'm not an established member here but I've done some "research" and I'd like to at least help you so you don't fuck your endocrine system up even more.

First of all I know you've been lectured on it, but fuck man if you're asking for help on PCT then this most likely is your first cycle. And you chose a superdrol/pplex/hdrol mix? Come on.

Anyway, for PCT get a SERM, either nolva or clomid. I think more people would recommend nolva especially for a superdrol cycle. Usually people dose 20/20/10/10 for hdrol, 40/40/20/20 or 40/20/20/10 for m/sdrol. But don't hold me to it. Maybe youd need an extra week too.

Uh take DAA for a test booster too.

But wait for a more experienced user to chime in.


Thanks for the feedback..but yeah i have figured out through some more research that this stack wasnt one of my smater decissions. Listened to the wrong people and thats why I dont trust there suggestions for pct...I really just need something to control the damage and also like I said before, to if possible, allow me to keep gaining strength. But thanks again