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PCT Help with First Cycle, Test E/Tbol

This is my first time posting here
Going to be running my first cycle in 2 weeks
Running 500mg of test e with 40mg of tbol for 12 weeks
Wanted some advice with pct was going to use nolvadex 40mg per day for 2 weeks then 20mg for 2 weeks

Should I take a liver defender with this if yes any particular one people have used?

I’m 6"2 101kg 14% body fat (if this helps atall)

Don’t run the dbol for any longer then 4-6 weeks it’s just to hard on the liver at that dose.

I take tudca and nac regardless of what aas I’m using I would suggest the same.

Thats a perfect pct

Yes I forgot to say that I was only running that for the first 4-5 weeks as like a kick starter for the test to fully activate
(If I understand correctly heard it takes a few weeks to get filling in action)

You know i just noticed something. This is going to be your first cycle. I suggest dropping the dbol all together.

Listen I’m probably one of more relaxed people here when it comes to using different compounds at possibly higher doses etc but for your first run I think it’s important to figure out how you handle just test. Dbol has a lot of possible side effects as well that can make it hard to differentiate what could be causing certain side effects. If you really want to use dbol and have your heart set on it I would suggest save it for the end of the cycle that way you can spend the first part letting your body get acclimated to high levels of test and see how you react to aromitization and what not.


Makes sense to not use the orals yet to see if I’m okay with test
With the test itself do you think it would be wise to start with a smaller dose like 250 for the first few weeks and taper up or would 500 be okay to jump straight in
Guys who I work with seem to think less that 500 would be a waste of time for me
(We are all personal trainers 3 on long term cycles)