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PCT Help Tren/Prop


I am in week 8 of a 12 week cycle so I just want to plan ahead for my PCT. I ran TrenA 75mg/Test Prop 150mg EOD for the first 8 but have to switch Sust for the remainder because thats all I can get my hands on; doses are now Tren 125/Sust 250 EOD (with Tren stopping week 10 and finishing off with just the Sust). Also have been running Adex .5mg EOD.

 My questions are: should I start blasting HCG for these last 4 weeks? What are people's preferences for pct after tren: Nolva or Clomid? I've read that nolva can make progesterone receptors more sensitive but I know many people disagree with that. Also, will the standard one week waiting period be enough for the sust to clear or should I wait 2-3 weeks before starting the Nolva/Clomid?

Thanks for any and all feedback


Were you not taking prami/caber while on tren?


some times caber didnt needed if u have on check estrogens...with an AI


I really need to get some caber. I have also read that AI takes care of prolactin problems preventatively, but it never works all that well for me.

Everytime I take and finish off with tren, it feels like my dick is wearing a thick coat whenever I try to use it.


Hcg should be used on cycle, some use it before the start of pct not during. You can use Nolva or clomid or both for pct.


[quote]BUDs wrote:
Hcg should be used on cycle, some use it before the start of pct not during. You can use Nolva or clomid or both for pct.

Based on the research I've been doing on here and various other forums there seems to be various opinions of proper timing/duration for HCG. Do you think it's better (A)to start it my last 2 weeks on cycle and finish it in the 2 weeks after last pin before I start nolva/clomid or (B)start it a week after last pin and run it for 2-3 weeks before I start my serum PCT?

My major concern is my libido completely disappearing once the tren ends.


1/ You should have had this shit all sorted well before you started.

2/ Tren suppresses libido, it does not increase it. One of the reasons why you should stack tren with test.

If you are going to take da juice, sort your shit out first. This just perpetuates the sad reality that many juicers are dumb meatheads.


1) I have everything on hand and have had a plan since before I started, I am just looking for advice on a topic people seem to have differing opinions on. Which is why I am asking a few weeks in advance.

2) I am aware of tren's suppressive nature which is why I've clearly stated that I am stacking it with test both in this forum and pre-cycle planning.

I am just looking for knowledge/experience from more experienced/educated users.