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PCT Help Required

Hi everyone , greetings from India
so I will complete my short cycle today. I’m up 3 kgs, with more vascularity in my calves, near my knees and in the forearm area.
I frontloaded with sustanon 250 on 31 March and although initial plan was test prop every alternate day plus 40 mg stana every day, but after the first week I had to cut down on stana to 20 mg per day due to very dark coloured urine and prop to once every 4th day due to the extreme debilitating pain which interfered with my daily life.
So, my last prop shot was on 20th April …
Is it fine to start my pct from 24th April?

Also, test prop I got off an UGL, but my stana and sustanon were pharma grade so no doubt about their quality.
Do I need to do anything about water retention, or will it come off by itself?

It’ll come off by itself

When was you’re last shot of sustanon? If it was the 31st of March, and since you’ve only used prop and Stan, then you can start PCT on the date you specified

But I still have some injection site pain, does it mean the hormone is still around, should I wait for it to clear or begin regardless?

Injection site pain is typically a result of an adverse reaction to solvents used to dissolve the hormone in solution, propanoic acid (propionate is the conjugate base of propanoic acid), unsterile gear etc. Means nothing in the way of how much is in you’re system.

Great, thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face: