PCT Help Please!

So i am a little over 8 weeks into a 10 week cycle, as follows:
week 1-10 75mg test prop ED =525mg/week
week 4-10 45mg masteron ED = 315mg/week

in the first three weeks i noticed alot of water retention and some test flu symtoms but the addition of masteron really helped get the water out and improve my well being. well now that i am nearing the end i need some advice for PCT. i have been taking 3 grams of tribulus thoughout the cycle and will increase that to 5 grams after my last shot, my taper will be as follows:
week 11-14 15mg prop & 15mg masteron mon,wed,fri = 90mg/w
week 15 12.5mg prop & 12.5mg masteron mon,wed,fri = 75mg/w
week 17 10mg prop & 10mg masteron mon,wed,fri = 60mg/w
week 18 7.5mg prop & 7.5mg masteron mon,wed,fri = 45mg/w
week 19 5mg prop & 5mg masteron mon,wed,fri = 30mg/w

i have 30ml 25mg/ml nolvadex & 30ml 50mg/ml clomid
what would be a good dosing protacol?

so my pct will be:
1 day after my last shot (no taper)
100mg clomid (before bed) days 1-5
50mg clomid days 6-10
20mg nolvadex (morning) days 1-15
10mg nolvadex days 16-19
5mg nolvadex days 20-23

i will also be taking five grams of tribulus daily

how does this look?

Yes, there is no point to combining them because they work the same way.

Clomid is better for recovery of natural T but if one is bothered by emotional effects – a small percent are – Nolvadex is a reasonable substitute.

Toremifene and Raloxifene are becoming very popular as replacements for both Tamoxifen and Clomiphene Citrate.

CLomid is an evil, evil chemical. Anything that makes you cry while watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air re-runs is straight from Satan.

That depends totally on the individual, really.

I would agree though that if experiencing what you describe, another compound would be better!

Holy hell! DAMN! I just figured out why i was a ittle emotional puss while i was on that! And i just got more for the come down off this cycle… Wow, i felt sorry for the dumbasses that were doing quarter squats and claiming they were hitting parallel! I want some haladrol or something to make me an asshole now!!! Anyone have an explanation why ya wanna just cry on this shit?

It’s what’s called a selective estrogen receptor modulator, which means that in some cells it is an antagonist – blocks estrogen – and others, an agonist (acts like estrogen.)

Apparently it acts like estrogen in the brain too.

For whatever subtle reason, this isn’t noticeable with tamoxifen which works basically the same way.