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PCT Help Please. Test Level Very Low


Hi there, I’m chris i’m 28 years old, Long time reader and now i need your help.

Last blood work wasn’t good:

testosterone: 2.4 on a range of 4.9 to 32.0

FREE testosterone: 6.7 in a range of 15-50

DHEA: 2.3 on a scale of 3 - 11

This year i used:

Weeks 1-4

Testoviron 250mg/week

Bolde 350mg/week

Primo 400mg/week

Proviron 50mg/die

Weeks 5-8

Testoviron 500mg week

Boldenone 350mg/week

Primobolan 500mg/week

Oxandrolone 40mg/die

Proviron 50mg/die

hcg 2000iu every 2 weeks For 8 weeks (every 2 sunday)

Now my T levels are ridicoulus as mentioned before i would they come back in a normal range for my age.

This is my pct scheme that i would use now:


Week 1-2

nolvadex 40mg die

clomid 100mg die

Hcg 2000iu 2 shot (monday and thursday)

Week 3-4

nolva 20mg die

Clomid 50mg die

this is a good protocol for my cycle?

should I run Hcg along clomid and nolva ?

do I need more than 4 weeks of PCT ?

That Hcg dosage is enough to recover ? or i need more?

Do I should use Power PCT ?

Plese help me… that is strange for me because i have very low libido
and no more morning glory or I find hard to have an erection when I am
with my girl friend.

Help me

Thank you in advance.