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PCT Help Needed

Hi guys,

ive just come off a 9 month Blast/cruise with 2 blasts, all test e based with dbol added in one blast and winstrol in the other.

i mistakenly didn’t utilise hcg during so have suffered atrophy.

I am 3 and half weeks into the ‘power pct’ method as I felt this most suitable due to the atrophy.

the reason for me coming off is I am going traveling around the world for 12 months in approx 6 weeks.

I will get bloods done the day before I leave but it may be too soon after the clomid/nova to get an accurate result.

Pct is going ok at the moment although I have only finished hcg a few days ago, gained a little fat but not dropped weight, keeping in a slight surplus and keeping training consistent and intense.

Im worried I may be shut down after pct and with me being overseas there is little I can do about it. Does anyone have any advice that may help me out?

I’m 27 with a load of training experience but 2/3 years drugs experience, past cycles have been 12-16 weeks at 500-700mg of test e and few orals here and there

And do you think it’s worth taking bloods now and then just before I leave for a comparison?