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PCT Help for Short Cycle?

hey guys, so I’m on day 10 of my cycle, I need help figuring out the pct.
I’m doing a short 2 week cycle.
day 1-12,
50mg test prop ed
50mg tren ace ed
50mg dbol ed.
currently on day 10, last pin will be on day 12.
I plan to start pct on day 15, does that seem correct?
for pct I have nolva, how much should I take and for how long?
I also have adex.
question 2, I’m at 13-14% bf, was thinking of running clen on the off weeks between cycles to try to cut that down a bit, while preserving as much of the gains as possible.
thanks for the help.

A two week cycle? It takes 5-8 half lives to achieve a steady state. Way too short a cycle.

have you not heard of the Bill Roberts 2 on 4 off?
I’ve put on 17 pounds in the past 10 days so far.
also I’m not going to be shut down for weeks or months, which means less gains lost, also I can immediately jump on another cycle in a few weeks. I’m not asking for cycle advice, I’ve done my research. what I want is advice on PCT, and if clen on the off weeks would be beneficial or counterproductive

17 lbs in 10 days? You should know how to run a proper pct before starting cycle.

14 pounds sorry. And yes. I know most of that is going to be water weight from the dbol, but I can visibly see a difference in the mirror, and my strength has increased massively. I have been eating 5,000 calories a day at 40/40/20 (75% clean diet) (no noticeable fat gain). short cycles with short esters are effective. And they don’t shut you down as long making recovery easier, which makes it much easier to keep the gains made.
I read the pdf, but those are all long acting esters, so your point would make sense in that case.
when it comes to tren A, it only has a halflife of 48 hours, prop is similar, and dbol is like 6 hours. so the short acting esters go into affect much sooner, which means you see results sooner. And by only running 2 weeks at a time there is less chance for side effects to start setting in (not impossible tho), which means you can run much higher doses.

I know you’re using short esters. 5-8 half lives of tren ace(24 hours) = 5-8 days to achieve steady state. But if 2 weeks works for you stick to it.

I see how that would make sense with the long esters slow release time, and pinning only once or twice a week, but with the short esters and pinning ed, do you think it’s the same? im not a dr. so I can only guess, but I think it would be different.
and it is working, on top of that with work, it would make committing to a long cycle difficult with training and eating.

any advice on the pct?

I can’t really offer advice on pct after a two week cycle. After a twelve-sixteen week cycle I use clomid 100/100/50/50 and nolva 40/40/20/20/20. I’d also use HCG on cycle if you don’t want your balls to shutdown and shrink.

ok so i started pct a week ago on 6-3-17, i just ran 20mg ed nolva, everything seems to be fine. I’ve lost all the water weight and my weight has stabilized. I gained and kept 8 pounds.
gonna start my next cycle a week from tomorrow. short cycles are the best!

Also Bill Roberts short cycle runs were usually accompanied by a base like trt

are you saying i should be running a trt dose of test even during the off weeks? wouldnt that defeat the point of not being shut down for long and make recovery difficult when finally stopping the test? I don’t feel shut down at all and i dont think I ever really was, recovery was very easy.

The short cycles were originally designed for people who wanted to eventually come off gear. They can only bring you so far. The revisited version is a lol bit longer and runs a base. It also goes with caloric intake and training as well.