PCT Help for Prohormone

Age 22
bw 171
h 5’7

Bench 315x2
squat 285x12
dead 405x3
Training since high school, low bf%

Ive done 3 cycles of prohormones in the past: halovar, m14-e, and halovar stacked with vns-90 extreme. My first two cycles I used an otc pct (recycle and support supps) bc I didnt think I needed a serm but my last cycle which was over a month ago I was an idiot and stacked halovar and vns-90 extreme and now I have a small lump in my left chest(shouldve used a serm). The lump has gone down after my second bottle of recycle but is still there it was never noticable I could just feel it. I want to take an hdrol cycle with liquid nolva and was wondering how I should take it and if it was going to help and clear up my mild gyno or do I need to an AI or would the nolva be enough bc its just a small lump?

Ive read you should taper it down like 40/20/10/10 or have read 20/20/20/20 but those are grams and liquid nolva is liquid so please help. (trying to do it the right way now)THANKS

Would it be smart to do a cycle of epistane then end it with nolva would this clear up my mild gyno?

It isn’t GRAMS, it is MG, and the liquid has a concentration. For example one well known site sells the nolva at 20mg/ml so the weeks you take 40mg, take 2ml… because 2x20=40…

The rest of the calculations are just as easy. Get an oral syringe, or a regular syringe without the needle.

As far as the gyno issue goes, I am not going to lie and say I know how to handle that.

Research chemicals are cheaper than OCT crap, and far more effective, so there is no reason not to get the real deal.