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PCT/HCG Question

Hey guys,

I’m about to run my first cycle of Test E only 500mg/wk for 10 weeks. Is it essential for me to run HCG either on cycle or included in PCT? or should I just stick with the basic Nolva 40/40/20/20.

Obviously, I want to be as safe as possible, I just don’t want to use HCG if its not necessary for this basic cycle. Thanks guys any suggestions would be appreciated

You do not have to run HCG, however using it during your cycle will mimic the LH hormone and keeps your balls as healthy as possible whilst using the steroids. This makes recovery easier and prevents possible atrophy of the testes.

Some people use it during PCT but science shows that this is not as effective as using it on cycle. (it suppresses your own LH production and if not used during the cycle more damage is done to the testes)

You might want to consider increasing the length of the PCT. Lower dose for longer is more effective.

Nolva 20mg a day for 5-6 weeks for example. A good guide is to run it for at least half the length of the cycle.

Ok great thanks! So ur saying if I don’t run HCG in my PCT to run the Nolva at a lower dosage/duration? And I see a lot of ppl saying they use both climid and nova. Is this necessary as well? or a waste

HCG 250iu 2x a week during cycle - not for PCT.

You could do clomid and nolva, or just nolva as you have planned. Either way i would run atleast 5 weeks of nolva.

40/40/20/20/20 if you want or just 20mg a week for 5 or weeks would probs be just as effective