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PCT Goes Very, Very Wrong


This is why you should plan your PCT very carefully:

(yes, being sarcastic)


Already made a thread a while back




What is PCT? Was he using estrogen or something?


that chick was slammin


Serious question, I wonder how many dudes have slept with or at the least hooked up with a transgender or someone who was post op as like a random drunk hookup and still to this day have no idea it was a man.


The key to the transformation was learning the duck face.




To be honest (and to quote Trainspotting), it's all just a matter of aesthetics, so who cares?



Post Cycle Therepy. To recover natural testosterone production after a cycle of steroids.

I would say this is the most serious case of gyno I have ever seen.


Would still rail/10


I was going to say PIIHB but I guess you have no choice.



Was born to be a woman with all those selfies.


Its amazing how good she looks at the end. I mean damn.


Is it wrong that I want to punch that girl in the mouth?

In a completely non-misogynistic way, I preemptively assure you.


*edited my dumb typos


Part of me just wants to hit her until her lips cave inwards.


The chin gives it away.

Look at the top talent for ladyboys, you will not know how to spot one.


10/10 for the buttchin


It's only wrong if you act on the impulse.

Besides, PETA would be up in arms if you punched that duck in the face.


This thread does not fit into the heavy Christian element of this forum. Please remove this vile thread immediately.