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PCT: FSH/LH Unexpectedly Did Go Down After a Decent Beginning

Dear fellas,

First I must mention that I have been trying to restart my HPTA after roughly ~3 years doing AAS cycles often separated by a few weeks cruising on Test - so my chances to ever restore my system are not really high and I know that.

So following KSman’s sticky about HPTA restart, I’ve started late january with hCG (step “1a”) 250ui EOD and it did make my FSH/LH levels move from sub >0.01 to a decent 0.8 / 0.2 respectively for the first time in 3 years.
Sex drive was also getting better over time, while keeping E2 on check with half tabs of Adex (probably a bit too hard though).

So almost 3 weeks ago I’ve switched from hCG to low dose SERMs according to KSman’s protocol (step “1b”), but my latest blood test revealed my FSH/LH stats having go down almost back to where they were before the hCG use.

BT history :

  1. Jan. 21th: FSH 0.6 (from <0.3) / LH 0.1 (from <0.07) / E2 15.7 (from 18.2) / FT 1.0 <---- while on hcG
  2. Feb. 14th: FSH 0.8 / LH 0.2 / E2 19.0 / FT 0.43 <---- end of hCG from there
  3. Mar. 5th: FSH 0.3 / LH <0.07 / E2 14.1 / FT 0.45 <---- using Clomid 50mg ED + 1 Adex ED since 3 weeks

So… where did I fuck up ? Could my Clomid be fake ? Or worse, my pituitary/hypothalamus failed to react and my only left option is now TRT ?

I hope you guys can give me a clue to find out what did go wrong and what should I do now.


Why in the world are you using arimidex right now?

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are you still injecting testosterone?

if so that is why

I’ve been stopping any AAS usage since late October 2018

That is why I have been posting here trying to find answers to: Why did the SERMs step failed, and what should I do from now on.

Well you have pretty low e2, which will make you feel lousy. Want to guess why it’s so low?

And the SERM didn’t fail you. Your system went from totally shutdown to low, which means it restarted. But after three years of use the chances of coming back to normal were very near zero. TRT seems to be in your future. You may not have a choice at this point.

I have defined an appointment with an endocrinologist, which is in two weeks from now.
I might update this post then to provide you guys additionnal infos. We’ll see if he also says I should give up and aim for TRT.

In the meantime I am still looking forward extra advices from people having experience with cases like mine.

Good luck with that, endocrinologists aren’t very useful in restoration of the HPTA.

I don’t think you went wrong anywhere, I think your HPTA is just undone do to AAS. If your HPTA was going to make a full recovery it would have done so by now.

Yeah he is must likely going to tell me to go on TRT and even offer to write down a prescription for it but I still wanna wait this moment before aknowledging that HTPA restart is no longer worth to be attempted.

However this guy has been following several cases like mine (sportsmen using AAS) for years now, so he might as well provide case studies able to tell if HPTA recovery is still possible under similar circumstances with the adequate treatment.