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PCT from Clinic Seems Off, Any Advise?

Hey guys,
31 years old here, been on TRT for a like 20 months, and want to come off to see where I’m at again naturally.
I’ve got 11,000iu’s of HGC and 21x25mg’s of Clomid from my doctor. He told me to take the HCG @ 500iu’s a day and 25mg’s of clomid a day (Together) starting the week after my last shot and take them till I run out.
This obviously doesn’t seem ideal, and I would like to be cautious with the clomid due to the possible sides.
I’m two weeks from my last 50mg shot of enanthate. I was thinking in another week I’d start the HCG at 1000iu’s EOD for 8 days, 500iu’s EOD for 8 days, then run the Clomid at 25mg’s ED for a week, then 25mg’s EOD for a week, then 12.5mg’s, and 6mg’s to taper off over 4 weeks?
Is this an alright plan? I was going to just stay cold turkey but I’ve got the HCG and Clomid and I’d really like to give it my best shot and recovering best I can.
Any advise would be much appreciated. Also one question, I’m not seeing much on how long after stopping the HCG should the Serm be started? Next day, 3 days, 5 days? that’s confusing me, Thanks guys!

Dr scaly has a new protocol
1500 hcg every 3 days x 21 days. Check labs at day 15, if test elevated add clomid 50 bid and 20 mg nolva on day 15 and continue clomid and nolva for 3 more weeks (only one week overlap of clomid and hcg).
Some like it, it’s worked for many, im sure many will criticize that but one think for sure the hcg would negate the benefits of clomid.

Also google defy medical get off trt protocol
I think it’s 500 daily hcg x 30 days with nolva, check labs, if test elevated, dc hcg and do a month of clomid then check after

HCG from last pin for 3-4 weeks. Then start the Nolva or clomid.

Appreciate the replies, though I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. Honestly I’m coming off due to a really bad reaction to an antibiotic and I’m not thrilled about taking any more meds at all for a while. I’d gotten a sensitive estradiol test 4 weeks ago and it was 18, and I’ve never really gotten high e2 and crashed it with like 0.75mg adex last year. Maybe I’ll just get another e2 test, and make sure to monitor that as the next 3 weeks go by then get a full hpta panel at 5 weeks and go from there.

Stay the course and get a full label in a few weeks.

TT, FT, E2, FSH, LH, SHBG minimally

You also crashed it this year. Recently. As in, when you took your blood test four weeks ago. Unless your TT was in the 300’s an e2 of 18 is pretty low.

I was surprised as well, considering at 200mg’s a week test I usually sit around 30-40 E2 with no AI. I haven’t taken an AI in at least 6 months, the cipro antibiotic (3 pills) I took totally rocked my body. I don’t even like talking about it because I’m staying positive, and I am healing but it was bad for the first month.

That’s what I’ll do blshaw. Mentally I’m alright, definitely tired by mid day but I’ve been doing some workouts, and eating / sleeping well.

I’ll post any bloods when I get them, and always appreciate the help!