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PCT for Var Only Cycle


i know i know, before you star shooting that i souldnt do an oral only blah blah I KNOW, im prety educated and experienced and im also prety tested. There are reasons for this which are irelevant but i can explain if needs be.

so, i will be doing a three on three off 25mg/day var only for 12 weeks then 8 weeks AT LEAST off for the comp to begin with, gauge the resaults and see what happens. question is, will i need any form of pct for the inbetween three weeks?

what do you reckon?


(im a sprinter, i just want the mild strength effects etc)


I don't think you'll see much from just 25 mg. ED. I'd up it to 40 or 50 mg. ED if you can. AS far as PCT after just three weeks of Var only, I'd say the suppression would be minimal, but I suppose there would be some. It couldn't hurt to use some Clomid after your "on" phases, but I'm not sure it would be mandatory.

I know, kind of a non-answer answer. Personally, I say better safe than sorry: I'd use some Clomid after your short cycles.



Since you are using ONLY anavar, I'd suggest upping the dose as crowbar mentioned...I think all AAS suppress the HPTA to some degree, but to what extent has to do with a myriad of things...The bottom line is to treat your 3 weeks off as if you are trying to get your endogenous test to rebound. This way you put your body in more of an anabolic state regardless of whether your endo was suppressed or not.



i havnt used var before so i dont know how it would effect me, ill start at 25 and see how it goes. I would preferably go for a slower more prolonged adaptation to the stimulus cause i dont want to stress my conective tissue cause i had some issues there.

Meaning that im afraid that a faster increase in intencity a higher dose would give is not worth the possible injuries, so i thought a 3on 3off for a total of 3on periods for starters.

So in the "better safe than sorry" state of mind would 30mg of clomid for two weeks be good enough?