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PCT for Var Only Cycle


I do not want to hear about how a var cycle is pointless and overpriced (not meant to sound like a dick or a know it all.)

I know what to expect and what not to expect from a var only cycle

It is also my first cycle. For many reasons I'm chosing to use this instead of shooting test @ 500mg/week with nothing else (fear of needles not being one of the reasons)

I will be running it for 8 weeks at 60mg/day with milk thislte for liver support

Question :

Whats your take on best choice for PCT ?

Clomid OR Nolvadex?

Why ? (Please dont tell me nolva because clomid will make me blind.. lol:P )

I have been told Clomid would do a better job getting my htpa back to where it should be vs Nolva who would work better for purely blocking estrogen/aromatisation



I can not answer your question, I have no experience with anabolics nor SERMs, you'll need a vet to give their personal experience on which of the two is superior at restoring pituitary output.

I can state however, that nolvadex does nothing for the aromatisation of testosterone to estrogen (neither does clomid). If you want to reduce aromatisation, you need an aromitase inibitor such as anastrozole. Perhaps you already knew this and didn't mean to put the word aromatisation in your post, or perhaps you didn't. Either way - its presence there might make the veterans hesitant to respond in fear that you have not done your own research and have instead made your decisions based on what one person once told you


I meant that nolvadex was better suited if you used steroids that did aromatise and experienced gyno. I expressed myself poorly and do know and understand the difference between a SERM and an AI

I have read some conflicting infos about clomid being better suited to restore htpa than nolvadex


In light of my reading (not only tonight, but from before the actual post also) I'm leaning more toward Nolvadex.

Please let me know if I am wrong. Thx


Countless successful PCT's have been run using either nolva or clomid. Use whichever you'd like.

What are your reasons for avoiding test?

I'd up the dose to 80-100mg if you're going to use ONLY var.


what dosage of nolva would you recomend on PCT?


how bout reading the stickied threads before posting?


That takes too long.
I'm wondering if the same amount of nolva would be used for a var only cycle as it would a 10 week test cylce.


I did an anavar only cycle in the past and didnt need any nolva or clomid, and for some reason arimidex(sp?) made me sick as hell. I had no problems what so ever, but it wouldnt hurt to have some on hand.


Can you post the numbers from the blood tests you got before and after the cycle? Thanks.



Anavar doesn't aromatize.

There's no reason to have an AI on hand. (Assuming what you did get was actually anavar, and not dbol or something...)


yes, i had a good source and it was legit anavar. I have my blood work done every year and nothing has changed in 10 years, i am now 33 years old. I have a clean bill of health.


would you recomend a low dose of nolva for a post cycle?


I did 2 of each. Both times var for 60-80mg for 4 weeks, second time toremifene at 60mg ed as well.

What I can remember is that both times my hdl dropped quite a bit. About 10 points. LDL dropped a bit as well. On paper, tore should have helped, but it didn't, or not noticably.

First time my liver values went up a bit, with AST above the "normal" limit. Second time, I supplemented with NAC, AST was once again above "normal" limit, 1 of the other 2 actually decreased, don't remember which one.

More important, my total T was about halved the first time. Second time, it decreased only a bit. My SHBG was really low the first time, but in the normal range the second time.


I was asking BCSwhatever... the guy who said that PCT is unnecessary

But if you are him using a second account then youre obviously a fool. Youre natural T levels never recovered. Please do not tell people that you dont need to run PCT without letting thme know that your T levels never recovered.


You know what, if it takes too long to read the requisite stickies; than it takes too long for us to sit here and spoon-feed you information. And for that matter, it takes too long to commute to a gym and workout, and to prepare the proper food you need to fuel your training/recovery. In fact, this post took too long because you are wasting everyones time! WHY ARE YOU ON HERE?

Do you understand how sick and fucking tired every 'regular' on here is of people like you? Coming on here looking to stand on the shoulders of people who have put the time and effort to learn about this; and experience first hand through trial and error what works, what doesn't work, what is relatively safe and what is more risky?

We are on here to share knowledge, experiences and to help each other. We are not on here to spoon-feed lazy people who CAN NOT/WILL NOT even take the time to do the basic research any person posessing average intelligence would do prior to ingesting/administering HORMONES. Change your fucking attitude and MAYBE you will get some fucking help!


So sorry to offend you idowhatican cock sucker, I work 10 hours a day 6 days a week supervising over 50 ppl in my department and monitoring over 8 automotive assembly lines, I spend what little free time I have during the day researching what I can online at work due to the fact I cannot get internet sevrive where I live, and to answer any speculation you may have as to how am on here on a Sunday its because I am at work. I spend the next few hours after I get off work at my gym working out until it closes and drive over 30 miles home. I just came off of my first cycle and had great results and I was thinking about a var/clen cycle to lean out as much as possible but everywhere I look I can not find consistant data on var usage, amount,or PCT. So I am so FUCKING SORRY if I hurt your prescious feelings by trying to sound funny to another person's smart ass response to my question. I guess it was my mistake for thinking I could ask for advice on a steroids forum that was designed to help ppl find information and improve themselves.


Nobody gives a shit what you do for a living. That entire post was nothing but an EXCUSE for being lazy. AS requires more than just having people you don't even know tell you what to do. As an "overseer" of so many people I'm surprised you'd even be asking for advice vs. figuring it out on your own. You do not sound like supervisor material at all. No wonder the automotive industry in this country has gone to shit.

Do your fucking homework or don't do steroids.


A part of growing and becoming better at anything you do you can't be afraid of asking more experianced people for advice, having said that thankfully I do not work for an american automotive company, the company I work for is growing not shinking its. As I stated before I have researched, everything I have been able to find on the subject in question and all of the data I have found is contridictory, and apart of research is asking questions. So by looking on a post for what I was looking for all this time I still have found nothing but posts from self rightous jerkoffs that instead of trying to help someone who asked a simple question trying to get opinons from experianced people I get smart ass responses. Its not like we are in competition together and I'm trying to get your secret to surpass you.

Sorry if I offened you, my previous was an attempt to outline my issues with doing research, I have been training for over 5 years I know most of everything I need to when it comes to training without pharm aid. I have been doing trial and error traing with gear but the emotional swings experianced with that dont go well in a factory setting.


Yes. Run PCT.