PCT for Tren Cycle

I hate to make a post on this and if it’s already been posted just send me to it I’m at work as of right now so it’s hard to look on my phone, but I’ve been planning out my 3rd cycle.

My stats are
25 years old
163 lbs
Between 7 and 8% bodyfat

My first cycle was just a simple sustain on 250 for 10 weeks with no pct, yeah I know not too smart.

My second cycle was test e 250 2x a week with clomid and hcg as pct

This cycle I’ve decided to throw tren in the mix.
I was thinking of running
Test-E at 250 2x a week 10 weeks
Tren-A at 100 EOD starting after week 2 of test.

The PCT is what I’m trying to get sorted out beforehand. I can get Nolvadex, clomid, hcg, pretty much any thing needed at this point.

So questions are
What would be a good pct setup?


Should I do 500 test e or 250 a week?

I’m going for a lean bulk so either keep my bodyfat the same as it is now or lower while gaining so it me mass.