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PCT for Tren and 3 Years of Blasting/Cruising

Hey Guys! First time posting here!

My Brother has been blasting and cruising for 3 years and is 25. He has been competing and has used everything from tren to masteron to EQ. He has 12 weeks that he wants to get completely off and then get back on. I dont think 12 weeks is enough time to be honest but he is adamant that he only will do 12 weeks off. What PCT would we be looking at for him? I am 3 weeks in to my first ever cycle of 250mg of Test E a week and have a solic PCT plan, but he doesnt know anything about PCT so has asked me… I dont know what would be required after using hard stuff like Tren to be honest. Is there anyone here with some recommendations? He cannot find HCG and only has Nolva and Clomid available to him.

You do not use HCG for PCT.

Nolva is sufficient, but he would be better with a longer, tapered PCT as opposed to the usual duration.

Search the forum for ‘tapered PCT’. Singhbuilder provided a link to the thread I’m referring to in another thread quite recently

You dont use HCG for PCT? Coach Greg Doucette advised it to me :frowning:


Greg Douche-tte

His pct will be the same as yours.

Hcg is not a drug used on pct