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PCT for Testosterone Ethanate Advice


OK, i have been searching sites for several weeks now and i have compiled alot of different information and i was hoping you guys could help me out with my PCT...

This was my first cycle and i ran Test E for 10 weeks at 300 mgs a week and i am going to start my pct in 4 weeks and cause i still have 2 weeks left of the Test but i was hoping for some advice as to what MGs of clomid and nolva i should use and for how long the post cycle should be... Thanks again alot for any of ur replies


You only need 1 SERM for PCT. Pick either the nolv or the clomid. If nolv then 40,40,20,20. If clomid 150,100,50,50.


Prisoner #22's testosterone taper. enough said.