PCT for Test, Tren, Dbol Cycle

This is the cycle I’m planning to do:
50mg dbol week 1-6
500mg test e week 1-12
600mg tren e week 2-11
(total 12 weeks)

1)What kind of PCT should I go for and how long should I wait before starting PCT?
2) How much armidex should I take during the cycle?
Note: I have access to clomid, nolvadex and armidex. Anything else would be tough to get.

How many cycles have you ran? What are your stats?

It’s my 3rd cycle. First was test and dbol, second was test and eq. This time around I wanna go a little heavy.

I’m 29 years old, 5’9, 167.5lb, around 15% bf right now.

You don’t need drugs. You need to learn proper nutrition and eating in a surplus.
Anything beyond Testosterone for your cycle is plain dumb. You can easily hit 180lbs minimum without any AAS/Test. at all.


Thank you for the suggestion. I really appreciate it. I’ve been following the nutrition advice from a book called ‘Bigger leaner stronger’ it’s pretty good in my opinion. I guess I need to learn more about about diet and training.
But just for the sake of learning, what PCT would recommend for such a cycle?

Thats a very high body fat percentage to be taking dbol, you will not look very good by adding that compound in with all the water retention, you will only look fatter. Also I’ll tell you from personal experience running tren that high is not worth it, it shuts down your libido hard for a long time. If you are not under 15% BF I wouldn’t even bother taking test yet. Learn to lean out and maintain that physique before dabbling with AAS.

That’s not a problem actually last time I brought my fat % down to 7.

You rarely see anyone do any other PCT than the standard 40mg/day tamoxifen for the first 2 weeks followed by 3 or so weeks of 20mg/day for most any cycle.

You’re physique looks pretty identical to Zac Efron’s from Baywatch, it’s my ideal physique. I’m big enough (76kg at 5’5)… but I’m not lean at all

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Thank you very much. Although to be honest I don’t like his physique that much.

Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing. But I’ve heard that tren is pretty harsh. So you’re saying the same PCT would work for this cycle as well?

PCT is to restart your natural T production regardless of what you used to turn it off. You should be fine with just the standard Tamoxifen PCT. I’ve never seen anyone recommend otherwise.

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At last the answer I was looking for! One more question. How many weeks should I wait before starting my PCT?
On my test cycle I waited 2 weeks and on my eq cycle I waited 3 weeks.

Probably 3-4 weeks

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Thank you very much!