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PCT for Test E 500mg/10 Weeks

I am planning my first cycle to be around the beginning of the year and am just trying to get all my ducks in a row with plenty of time to plan everything out and have what I need when I need it.

I know this is a much touched on subject but I figured what the hell, most of the posts are pretty old or are far enough from my age to make me think it’s worth posting my situation and ask for some advice from the gurus.

First off, me:
33 years old
BF ~16-18%
Bench 280
Press 175
Squat 365
Deadlift 330

Been lifting for 5 or 6 years with varying amounts of regularity when I was kickboxing and boxing often and was more focused on conditioning than adding mass. I used 1-andro this spring but this will be my first AAS experience.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking.

    WK1-10      Test E 250mg Every 2.5 Days (Tuesday/Friday)
                       HCG 250IU Every Other Day

    WK11-12    HCG 250IU Every Other Day

    WK13-18    Nolvadex 20mg Every Day

I want to keep this as simple as possible to truly get an idea of what’s doing what so I know how my body handles anything new. That said the HCG sounds like a great inclusion not only to keep the boys bouncy but for the stimulation (and therefore lack of desensitization) of the Leydig cells to keep my LH where it needs to be post cycle.

I think my biggest question probably lies in whether or not I should be using an AI (Aromasin) on cycle with the HCG or if that will be sufficient by itself?

I’ve also considered some Dianabol for the first 1-4 weeks but I really would kind of like to see what the Test does on it’s on I think. I feel like the extra boost could be beneficial though, not only to my levels of motivation and get-up-and-go but to the actual cycle, to kickstart the Test. Am I misinterpreting how this would actually work? Is it less synergistic and more of a psychological boost to kick things off? If that’s the case I would probably opt to skip it for simplicity’s sake.

So the big questions are:

Should I use Aromasin in conjunction with the HCG while on cycle?

Is Nolvadex at 20mg every day for 6 weeks a satisfactory PCT for 500mg Test E for 10 weeks?

Thanks in advance for any insight. I’m studying up but I’ll never be able to study my way into experience. You all have the knowledge and I appreciate any help you can provide.

Test 250 every 3.5d, not 2.5.

HCG can be 250iu twice a week while you’re cycling; eod is probably overkill. You can do eod between the last test shot and PCT if you’d like.

Dose AI based on symptoms and/or blood work.

Run the test for two more weeks if you can. It makes a huge difference believe it or not. Push everything back an extra two weeks and you’ll make the risk/reward a little better.

PCT looks good.

Aromasin will not stop e2 created by HCG.

Keep in mind that if you crash e2 with aromasin you’re in for a few weeks of bad times. As a suicidal AI it kills the receptors rather than switching them off, so once you’re low it takes time to get back up to normal levels. You’re better off underdosing than overdosing with that particular AI. (This is the 5th grade explanation; for more detail you can find some write ups on here I believe)

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Thanks for the analysis iron_yuppie.

The E2 crash was part of what had me concerned about overusing the Aromasin. It sounds like I should err on the side of caution and use only to combat sides through the cycle. I have read that it can be used during PCT as well but I feel like with 500mg Test E by itself that the Nolvadex is probably sufficient? Would 6 weeks of Nolva at 20mg ED still be an effective length of PCT if I bumped the Test E up to 14 weeks (12 wks with Test E and HCG, 2 off of Test and using HCG only, then PCT Nolva)

So something like this:

WK1-12       Test E 250 Every 3.5 Days
                    HCG 250IU Every 3.5 Days

WK13-14     HCG 250IU Every Other Day
WK15-20     Nolvadex 20mg Every Day

Aromasin on hand for any sides that come along, in which case I would dose at 25mg day one, then 12.5mg until sides subside and two days after?

Thanks again, all the conjecture I’ve found everywhere has me sort of confused. Mostly PCT regimens for heavy cycles which seem fairly overkill for what I’m looking at doing here.

Don’t use an AI during pct. It’s extremely rare that guys get high e2 while they’re recovering. The purpose of the SERM is to stimulate you to resume normal production. Under those conditions your test and e2 will both start to go up, just like you normally operate. Crashing e2 on cycle is bad, crashing it during pct is 1,000x worse. That’s a recipe for winning the “how can I feel worse?” game.

As far as dosing the aromasin, I’d say start at 12.5mg if you start to get symptoms. Take that dose, wait a few days and see if symptoms subside. If they don’t then take that same dose again. It’s like salt when you’re cooking, you can always add but you can’t subtract.

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Weeks 13-14 I would up the HCG to 500iu EOD to get them really plump.

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I’ll be keeping the AI on hand in case the need arises. I’ll take your advice to start slow with it if need be. Are the benefits in the extra two weeks worth it? I don’t want to go too long and cause myself any undue stress this first time around.

The extra two weeks are worth it, especially when you consider that the risks at week 12 are roughly the same as the ones at week 10. Unless you’re getting a lot of nasty sides it really is worth it to stick it out for at least 12 weeks.

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