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PCT for Test E 10wk Cycle 500mg/wk


I was reading the stickies but i didnt understand the dosages that should be taken and when i should start taking it i thought it meant this and i was wondering if this was sutiable

finish 10 week test E cycle
on 13 week start at 20mg nolva a day for 2 weeks
also not dure if i should take hcg here or not

and as this is my first cycle could anyone state if i should take anything else for better gains such as dianabol /deca would this be suitable for a first cycle? my current stats are 5,8 220lbs and have competed as a natural bodybuilder a few times but was looking to up my game and compete in a national untested show

thanks for your help im sorry im sure that you get these threads daily


With Test Enthanate, beginners generally opt for a dosage such as 500mg a week (pinned twice a week, once on monday and once on friday). Typically, a frontload will be used to raise bloodlevels faster.

Frontloading is injecting significantly more of the Test E (or whatever long estered drug you are using) in the first (and perhaps second shot).

E.G. in your first shot, instead of injecting 250mg, shoot 750-1000mg+. Doing so will bring about the effects of the drug much faster.

I would use nolva at 40/40/20/20 (4 weeks not two) to help stave off estrogen rebound, (also do an adex taper into pct for the same puprose).

You should be using adex .25mg-.5mg every other day.

Dbol is very helpful at adding size and strength, consider using it at a kickstart to your cycle 30-50mg every day for the first 4-5 weeks and then perhaps again from weeks 9 to the beginning of your pct.

Hcg can be used from weeks 3 or 4 to the beginning of your pct but NOT during your pct ( I personally never use it as it is not essential).


A standard pct for a cycle like yours would be nolva 40/40/20/20 and clomid 100/100/50/50.
This means take 40mg of nolva and 100mg of clomid per day for 2 weeks, then 20mg of nolva and 50mg of clomid per day for 2 weeks. Run hcg during cycle at 250iu 2x a week to prevent ball shrinkage.

A proper frontload would be to divide the amount used per week by 7. Then multiply by the number of days in one half life (assuming 5 for enanthate) and add the 250mg you would normally inject. So 600mg on day one will bring blood levels up right away. Heres a good thread on frontloading


Clomid is not necessary to run in conjunction with nolva.


for the nolva is that 40mg every day for the first two weeks and 20 for the last two weeks? and how long should i wait after my last injection before i start taking the nolva thanks for your help

also for the adex is that purely for gyno?


PCT should begin 2 weeks after your last shot of test E. You can use Dbol up until the day before you begin pct to give yourself a boost as the testosterone leaves your system.

40/40/20/20 means 40mg of Nolva per day for the first two weeks, and 20mg per day for the second two weeks.

Adex is an aromatase inhibitor, it will reduce the amount of testosterone converted to estrogen. While it is beneficial in keeping gyno away, it will also reduce the occurrence of other estrogenic side-effects like water retention and bloat.