PCT for Test/Deca Cycle

Curious about PCT for a 20week test/deca cycle.
How long should I drop the deca and run just test before I PCT?I believe it should be dropped atleast a few weeks before PCT since its such a long ester.Is 4 weeks enough or should i do 5/6 just test at the end of the cycle?
**I was initially planning on going clomid and nolva.I planned on PCT for 6 weeks with a lower clomid dose than most 4 weeks(doing 25mg ED clomid vs 50mg ed)**I went with this because I
have had corrective eye surgery and I want to minimize the risk factor of visual disturbances problems from clomid and read some reports of running it for longer with a smaller dose balances it out against running it shorter at a higher dose…
Am I being overcautious of visual clomid sides at 50mg daily?Is it actually possible at 50mg daily or only higher in the 100mg daily range?
I have read that nolva shouldnt be used in a PCT after deca as it strengthen progestogenic activity of nandrolone.But I am not sure if this actual applies when I am going to stop my deca 4 weeks before I stop my test?If it is still a factor,can simply running caber in my PCT solve this problem?
I would also like peoples thoughts on utilizing toremifene during a PCT for test/deca
Thanks guys

well, 25 mg of clomid isn’t “low,” it’s what has been shown to clinically work for increasing testosterone and LH levels. it works just fine, but i can almost guarantee side effects at 100 mg/day, and for no reason, either.

you shouldn’t run nolva aong with deca if you’re concerned about the above effects, but if you’re talking about PCT, then the deca should be clearing the system then.

i would strongly suggest taking a dopamone agonist (prami, caber, etc) along with the deca, and run it at least a couple weeks into PCT.

also, are you running an AI on cycle?

if you’re running a 20 week cycle, i’d also strongly reccomend running some HCG.

^you need to have all those things lined up, as longer cycles (longer than 12 weeks) and cycles with nadrolone are typically the types of cycles were we see guys with the most HPTA recovery issues…