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PCT for Tbol/Var Cycle


Hello T-Nation,

In about a month or so I will be running a oral turinabol and anavar cycle. The dosages wll be 40mg OT for 4 weeks ED, and 50mg anavar for 6 weeks ED. I have run anavar at this dosage before and have gotten decent results so I guess my body responds well to low doses (compared to the recommended 80+).

During the cycle, I will also be taking BCAA, Milk Thistle, ZMA, Tribulus, Creatine Mono, Multi's, Omega-3 and whey/casein shakes.

So far for PCT I have planned out this.

Nolva- 40/40/20/20
Clomid- 150/50/50/50

Is this PCT viable for the proposed cycle?
Will I need the Clomid as I have read it could actually be counter-productive due to it's weak estrogenic capabilities (what I read).

[I can only do this oral cycle because my dealer move out and I bought this before].

Thank you!


Maybe I have been missing something when I am reading... but when you are on cycle... what good would tribulus do? I asked this question on here because I had heard some stuff. The more I read, the more tribulus looked pointless, on of off.

Also, I only know what I have read (which is a decent bit) but is the nolva AND clomid both needed? Seems like a waste to me...

Not too familiar with clomid dosing, but the nolva looks okay I believe.

Also what about your stats? I thought they were supposed to be included in cycle proposals.


You havnt asked for comment on your cycle so I won't.

Clomid is the best option for the cycle laid out (no e2 conversion).

If it is pharm grade, 150mg ed for the first week isn't required. You can frontload if you wish but I'd stick to somthing simple like 50/50 /25 /25 (based on it being correctly dosed.)


What does that mean? Explain


I would like to hear something to explain that statement as well.....


Well the ops e2 level is probably going to be low normal at best by the end of the cycle. One of the key differences between clomid and nova is that clomid acts as e2 in the pituitary, sensitizing to the release of GnRH.

Google pheendo's pxt If you want to see the data.


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Thank you for the replies everyone.
So I am guessing the general consensus is running clomid instead of nolva?


No, I think clomids side effects are horrible.


Op.... If you worry about every user who claims they had bad sides on particular compounds then you wouldnt touch anything in this game.( No disrespect intended here bonez) No doubt that anecdotally clomid has a reputation for making guys emotional...not to mention eye sight issues. But untill you try something yourself you'll never know if you are one of them

I'm sure nova would do a job for you. But you have the information now.... So you can make your own informed decision.