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PCT for Short Cycle


I just finished my first week of a 500mg/week Cyp cycle (I planned on tapering up) along with Adex .5mg EOD. However, I just (unexpectedly) received a letter for my medical for the FD scheduled for August 15. As far as I know, the drug test portion is just urine (possible blood work). Several people have told me they highly doubt I'd be tested for AAS and that they use either the standard 5 or 10 panel test (neither of which include AAS).

Does anyone with experience in similar situations think I'm just being paranoid and I should be fine? Or should I not risk it and just discontinue my cycle until after the medical? If I go with the latter option, is a short PCT necessary even though I've only done 500mg?

Thank you for any advice/feedback


i would think if they're testing for steroids they are gonna test for SERMS as well? i could be wrong but i don't think you have anything to worry about anyway. If you wanted to discontinue now, the testosterone would be long out of your system come time for the test, i don't think any pct is really necessary for just 1 week of 500mg.


good point here.

if they do a full test for PED's (which i doubt), then the SERM is more likely to show up then the actual test.


Yeah I could just be paranoid but I think to play it safe I'm just gonna discontinue until after the test. Would it be smart to continue my adex just to keep things in check or should I discontinue that too?

Thanks for the feedback guys


If you discontinue the Cyp you need to discontinue the adex too, otherwise E2 will be way too low