PCT for Powerdrol-10 and Epidex

Whats up guys? This is my second cycle I will be running. A little background before. I ran msten when I was young and dumb, wasn’t able to keep my gains. I wanted to bring up my PCT for my stack. I’ll be running as follows:

Powerdrol-10: 20/30/30/30/40/40
L-Arginine: 1000mg
Protex cycle assist: 2 a day first week, 3 a day second to final dose.

Wanted to talk about my PCT as well. I will be running as follows the day after my last dose:

Post cycle 3x: 4 capsules daily after last dose of Powerdrol-10.
Reversitol V2: 2 capsules daily after last dose of Powerdrol-10.
Met-Rx Tribulus: 1500mg (2 capsules) daily after last does of Powerdrol-10. Decrease to 750mg.

Wanted to talk and see if this is pretty solid to keep the gains. Any advise? I will also be able to have a SERM midway through the cycle as well.

Best PCT here would involve flushing that shit down the toilet and replacing it with some Test.

There is a way for me to get test. It would be 250 and I would run 500, 250 inject monday/thursday. However I was just wanting to run something a step below. The test would be $100 for a 10 week.

That’s a good price and good cycle I promise you will enjoy the results much more and longer.