PCT for Older Woman

I am a 63 yr old female bodybuilder. I realize my natural hormones are practically non existent due to my age compounded by my sup use. I have been running test for years with no breaks. My current cycle is .5 ml test p 100mg //// .1ml deca 250mg //// and .1ml boldenone 250mg twice a week. I want to start cycling ( something i should of started years ago) my question is … can anyone please suggest a proper PCT while i cycle off. I am looking for something to improve my moods, sex drive, and keep a good percentage of gains. I have done reading on this but there are so many suggestions out there. The one PCT that keeps coming up is DHEA. I would really appreciate any help or suggestions.
Thanks so much!

No point. Find a good hormone replacement provider and do your legitimate hormone therapy as baseline then layer your added supps on top intermittently if that is what you want to do. Test cream to the labia plus oral progesterone plus potential estrogen therapy based on your providers assessment.

Pro tip: you wont understand this yet but save it for later. There is an authorized generic which is relabeled Prometrium by the manufacturer Virtus. Big $$ savings vs the generic progesterone and you get the brand name formulation. Ask for the Virtus brand at local pharmacy. T and E cream from compounder.

Given your age, compounded test plus estrogen cream may make a huge impact to your goals stated above.

My opinion…run from provider offering pellets (minor surgery every time you need new dose) $$$.

Thank you for the advice! So you are saying i should not cycle off, keep doing my cycle but do a PCT you suggested along with it.

No. You use legitimate hormone replacement therapy as your constant base since PCT is pointless (you have little to no endogenous hormone production). Then you throw the AAS “cycle” on top intermittently. When you “cycle” off there is nothing to recover as you have exogenous hormone replacement in place at all times. No PCT since there is nothing to recover. Think of it as a “blast and cruise” except your cruise would be legitimate HRT (although some women do cruise at supra levels of Test).

Obviously I don’t advise AAS abuse (a “cycle”), but the above is your best approach given what you want to do. Omit the term PCT from this discussion. It is not applicable in your case.

Above should help you avoid your difficulties from previous thread…

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