PCT for Newb? Clomid and Nolvadex

So I have a few questions of pct from 16 week cycle. Brief history is I cycled 3 years ago for the first time and made the mistake of not getting
My pct and went cold turkey. My dealer dropped off the map sonit wasn’t by choice. Very unpleasant!. So I’m looking at doing 16 week of test e and turnibol twice a day 25mg for the last 6 weeks of cycle with a daily of 25mg amorisin. Buddy of mine I asked what my pct plan should be and he suggested amorisin and natural test booster and zinc. I don’t overly feel confident in that advice and have read about nolvadex and clomid and looking for pct advice. I really don’t want my libido to tank like last time. The plan is two 1 cc’s of test e twice a week so not a high dose. I was thinking aromasin and nolvadex for serm pct? Or should I combine clomid too?


I’m going to run nolva and cholmid for pct, and aromasin during. Just not sure on the amount of weeks for pct yet. Thinking probably 5-6


For myself, I run Clomid for 2 weeks at 50mg/day. Then clomid 2 weeks at 25mg/day… start to lower my AI dosing around the 2 week mark into pct… off everything by 4 weeks… I def. Do not recommend stopping AI “cold turkey.” Drop dose down slowly over 2-3weeks. I’m planning on staying off cycle as long as I was on cycle… that means, after my month of pct, I run NOTHING for (in this case) 16weeks.

It is not recommended to combine Nolva and clomid, pick one or the other. Below is a great thread for PCT:


Didn’t know ow that, that’s probably the hardest part is I’ve read a ton of forums and everyone had a different idea and take and what to use. Some guys say use ameridex ect and nolva and others say cholimid and nolva together. I guess it’s all about what I respond to the most . I’d rather do a proper recovery than rush. So couple weeks in I should start to cut my aromasin down?

Sorry guys, was at work. Just read your sticky, very informative about over stimulating LH ect. I don’t have access to HCG so nolva would be my ideal choice in the matter