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PCT for Low Test/High Tren - 12 Week Cycle


Been doing research on PCT for my next cycle - which is a 12 wk low test /high tren cycle. (250ml test / 700ml tren) (my 6th cycle - 3rd with Tren)

My question pertains to planning PCT for this cycle.

Past PCT experiences have gone very smoothy - I've done both SERM and a tapering protocol.

My preference is to stick with tapering - I ran a similar cycle last year - and tapered the Test at the end - all things considered it seemed to go well.

I will be running HCG @ 250cc 2-3 times a week ( I'll see how things go) up to wk 10
I'll have all the normal ancillaries on hand - my preference is wait and see if its needed but have it all available.

New questions that I'm trying to find answers to are: (bcs I'm trying to improve things)

1) Should I taper both Tren & Test or just the Test ? ( I ran Test only last time - dosages are the same as last time)
2) Should I run the Tren & Test to the same point or should I stop the Tren earlier given the higher dosage ?

Like I said - while my preference is for tapering - if it makes better sense again to run the PCT with Nolva/chomid given other considerations i'm not aware of I'm open to the change.

Any other thoughts or considerations would be appreciated.