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PCT for Long Test E and Tren Cycle

Hey guys,
New to the forum but wanted to see if I could get some solid advice. Ive heard mixed things from local gm rats vs online searches. Also the cycle I’ve run is a bit unique due to sides.

So I’ve been on Test E for about 18-20 weeks(longer than originally anticipated) at ~500mg/week. HOWEVER, for the last 8 week part of the cycle I added 100mg Tren Ace EOD. Upon adding the Tren I began to experience severe acne on chest/shoulders/back so went to see the dermatologist and will be getting acutain soon. Due to the sides it was recommended that I lower the Test E dose to a more TRT type dosage of 250mg/week and let the Tren do the hard work while it would cut down on sides.

My question is what is a solid PCT plan that will ensure a full recovery for future cycles.

Current: 250mg/week Test E (down from 500mg/week prior)
100mg/EOD Tren Ace
Arimadex on hand

Someone mentioned I possibly should stop the test e about 2 weeks before my last shot of tren then an immediate PCT run but Im skeptical. Any suggestions would be appreciated