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Pct For First Cycle

Hello everyone iam new to this forum,but i’ve enjoyed reading all the diffrent posts.I realize there’s alot of knowlegable people on this forum that can help me with my pct.Iam starting my first cycle in a month.

Consisting of 500mgs per week of sus/400mgs per week of eq/40mgs of t-bol e/d for first 6 weeks (cycle will be for a total of 10weeks).

Question is should i take nolva through cycle at 20mgs/day to reduce bloating and eliminate gyno or would this suppress my gains.

Should i just wait till end of cycle i’am also including hcg/aromasin.One last question has anyone ever used chemone products and are they quality products.Appreciate any comments on my pct and cycle.

Keep the nolva on hand but dont use it unless you need it. You will want to have an AI as well. If the bloating gets excessive or gyno starts to show up, slam it with the nolva and use the AI for the rest of the cycle to control it. Then use the nolva for PCT.

Personally I have never used chemone, I use Innovative research. IR has been great. Many people on here have used chemone and all seem to be very happy with them.

Thank you for your input firestanggt i will surely use it.What do you think of aromasin would it be better than arimidex.I know they are diffrent, but which one would you use?Also what kind of results should i expect with my first cycle.my goals are strength and some size.

Iam 5’8",228lbs,17%bf,6yrs training max squat 475lbs,deadlift 495lbs,bench 405lbs for two reps.Ive taken supps but never aas.Ive worked hard for my gains but i wanna break my plateau btw iam 27yrs old.

I agree with fire. Have all the Nolva you’ll need for PCT by day 1 of your cycle. But if you plan to use a product daily you’re better served using an AI. As to the difference between A-dex and A-sin? They both work. A-dex is far more popular. Personally, I might lend you towards A-sin if you have any sort of cholestrol issues as A-dex [letro’s worse] can negatively impact lipid profiles.

That way you could still use Aromasin during PCT. Many like running an AI thru the PCT phase. The main reason A-sin would be preferred over A-dex is that A-sin does not have as many negative sides as compared with A-dex. They both raise Test equally, but A-sin reduces estrogen even more

Thanks sapasion you raise a good point although iam in perfect health i would hate to have any issues with my cholesterol.I will go with aromasin i know that innovative research does not carry it which one of the research chemical companies would you go with if you’ve ever used them.Chemone or A-G guys which one any input is appreciated.

Both are top notch. ChemOne is the better value