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PCT for Epistane?


I am coming to an end on my cycle of epistane and need a PCT and am confused on which would be the best and still affordable.. Please help!


4g of tribulus a day plus some sort of over the counter estrogen blocker should do the trick. I have heard recommendations about starting your PCT on the last or second to last week of your actual PH cycle.

The other options would be to get something strong like tamoxifen or clomid.


Tribulus will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as a PCT "drug" (yes, DRUGS are needed for PCT, not herbs). Please dont make any more garbage posts like this in the steroids forum.


Read the SERM/AI sticky.




something strong like tamoxifen or clomid? u mean something standard like tamoxifen or clomid..


I am 2 weeks into AN Epistane Cycle. Can anyone Pm me as ro whwre i can get Clomid and the appropiate dosage and length of the pct cycle


I'll give you some. Send me all your money.