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PCT for Anavar Only Cycle

Hi guys,

Just about to start my first cycle, and I figured I’d play it safe. I’m running Anavar at 80mgs/day for 6 weeks. Any recommended PCT for this? I was thinking

week 1-2 clomid 100mg/day
week 3-4 clomid 50mg/day
week 1-4 nolva 20mg/day

Any thoughts here on what I should do? Thanks!

way too much i would honestly wait 3 days after your last pill and do 2 weeks of 20mg of nolva anavar isnt that suppressive and 6 weeks is not that long

Oh ok, I just heard that 80mg was a pretty hefty dose, so I just wanted to be careful.

Now another question… Please bear with me if this sounds at all noobish, i’m still wet behind the ears! Where do bodybuilders go to get their PCT supplies like Clomid or Nolvadex? It looks like both of these need a prescription… Do I have to go to a walk-in clinic and see a doctor? That’s kind of what I was planning on doing.


well most ug suppliers carry those items, check out your anavar supplier. Or order off of a research chem site. ChemOne is a popular one on this forum

Thanks a lot for your help man. If I did order some tamoxifen citrate in liquid form from such a site, how is it ingested? Just mix it with food/water?

when i used liquid letro i just took it straight then chases it with a glass of water no need for food, and i think most places have flavoured merchandise now anyways