PCT For a Tren/Win Cycle

I’m planning on doing a 5 week cycle of Tren-A and Winstrol, both at 50 mg ED. My goals are to cut bodyfat, and add hardness, definition. I’ve never cycled with either of these, but have done well with Test, Deca, and D-bol.

For PCT I’ve always used Clomid/Nolvadex with good results. Will this be effective with the Tren? I’ve heard that it can be pretty supressive.

Trenbolone is suppressive only when within the system. And you’re right, it’s quite suppressive then, even at very low doses. However at the end of the cycle, it clears quite rapidly, and recovery is just as good as with anything else that’s equally effective.

Clomid is better than Nolvadex IMO, and there’s definitely no reason to combine them.

Using HCG (for example at 250 IU every other day, or 100 IU per day, around that area) during the cycle is an even better idea than usual with a trenbolone/Winstrol cycle, because these are both nonaromatizing and estrogen levels will drop too low if there’s essentially no endogenous T production going on. HCG will take care of that, and also guarantee that the testes are ready to produce testosterone at the end of the cycle as well.