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PCT for 8 wks of Boldione 800mg/day?


I have intention to run a cycle of bold 200 at 800mg/day for 8 weeks. I know it's weak but i decided it because there is a litre risk of side effect especialy liver stress and hair loss with boldione. For pct, i have 44 tablets of nolvadex 10mg that rest from my last cycle. Is this enough for a correct pct after that cycle of bold 200? If not what can i integrate to my pct to make it correct?


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thank you for reply me. I precise that it is not injectable boldenone it is prohormone boldione. Like i said i know it is wery weak but it is enough for me. I just want to do oral cycle that is not risky for my hair or for my liver. My last cycle was primobolan tabs 100mg/day for 6 weeks, everybody tells me that is too weak but i have decent gains from it, no sides and i keeped all after cycle.

Only bad thing is that primo tabs are VERY expensive here in france (and illegal also).
My question was is 44 tabs of nolvadex 10mg are enough for pct or i need to buy other things?


You must be pretty rich to afford 100mg of legit "primobolan tabs" everyday.
Is the drug actually called "bold 200", and is it a boldenone precursor?


Yes it's bold 200 iforce brand and it's a boldenone precursor.


I see, so it's the 1 4 AD bold stuff. I would highly recommend primo tabs again.
Quality anabolic vs pro hormome!
Why are you downgrading?


You already had a thread in which we told you to forget about using Bold 200, as it real does pretty much nothing. Would you run a low dose eq cycle?....didn't think so. If your going to waste time and money using this prohormone I would just do a 40/30/20/10 standard PCT with you tamoxifen. I ran it like that, other then the mental thought that you taking a steroid there are no true effects.


ok guys i understand now that primobolan is much better choice than boldione. I take a look on the web and find a cheap primo powder from airsealed marketing. What you think of this seller?
And also what oral stack with primo i should take that is not too dangerous to my hair?


No liver stress from an injectable steriod? Who the hell told you that?


What about injectable dboll and anadrol???


BBB knows his stuff pest...he said "little to no risk of liver stress" not no liver stress. Do you know anyone with liver problems from pharm grade injectables?


Alright dude, you pick two of the least common injectables to illustrate your point. Obviously BBB knows that 17aa's will still cause liver stress if injected... they can't avoid that 2nd pass, can they?! The main thrust of his point still stands correct.


That comment you made makes no sense. Bottom line is that all injectable steriods if you take excessive amounts will cause Liver Stress.


It does not! His statement is irresponsible. Too not know this guys bloodwork, stats, previous health conditions and to make a comment like that does not make me think he knows that much. Will 1 drink cause liver problems, probally not, however keep on drinking and evidentually it will, same as AAS. Too many of you guys think you know just as much as the medical field and try to play doctor and make comments to guys who will believe that crap! Without bloodwork you trully don't know that answer.


Bloodwork is certainly important for anyone running AAS. Lipid levels, Hb, hematocrit levels, hormone levels, and of course liver panels, should all be looked at before and after cycles... ideally. As much as it bothers you, it isn't necessary for that to be repeated every time someone posts a question about using a compound.

That said, a typical injected AAS, i.e. not a 17aa such as winstrol or dbol, but rather testosterone or boldenone, is extremely unlikely to cause any hepatoxicity. Generations of users as well as medical studies - particularly in the case of testosterone - support this fact.


Neither do doctors.


Doctors don't go to 'steroid school.' I'd venture to say BBB, Brook, WHB, and a few others here know more than most any doctor on the planet about AAS use. I for one would trust what they say over any doctor who didn't specialize in AAS and/or sports.


Your discussion about liver stress from injectable steroids is very interesting. Here is my experience with an oral. My last cycle (that was my firs cycle) was supposed to be anavar only. Everybody on bards say its mild and a risk very low.

I do firs week at 40mg/day and start feeling like s..t I do a bloodword that scared me. Bad Ldl, bad hdl, cholesterol very low, liver enzymes elevated , hematocrites elevated. All that after one only week! Nobody on boards telling this scenario.

All that for say that people on discussion bards are well informed but there is no real statistic value in forum discussions, only experiences.

Howewer i vould like if somebody answer to my question about oral stack with primobolan for low liver and hair risk?


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