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PCT for 6 Month Cycle

I’ve done a few cycles in the past (see profile for details/stats) and have now found myself on my longest one thus far. I’ve gone back and forth with the thought of just being ‘on’ (see other thread) and have decided that I’m not ready for that, but would still like to hear about others experiences in the other thread.

I’ve been ‘on’ more or less for the past 6 months a break down of that time period is as follow:

Wk 1-8 TestE (625mg/wk) and NPP (400mg/wk)
Wk 10-12 came off and began PCT protocol with Nolva
Wk 13-16? - got right back on TestE (625mg/wk)
Wk 17-18 - Came off
Wk 19-24 (current) - TestE (200mg/wk) Tren (325mg/wk)

All my cycles included Adex and caber (all pharm grade) for my NPP and Tren (although, I’m having off and on issues with prolactin right now with a dosage of .5mg E4D). The nuts haven’t shrank much on my past short cycles, but I’ve obviously have noticeable shrinkage to this date.

I’ve read through the Test Taper protocol sticky and have done some research to get an understanding of what it encompasses and how SERM protocol can be included in the mix. I would like to get advice on how to go about coming off consider my past six months. One question I see myself having right from the start is, would a 100mg/wk waiting period for 4-6 wks be too long if I’m only shooting 200mg/wk now?

Thanks in advance for any help fellas

From personal experience with the taper, the longer the better.
Take your time coming off because it takes a while for your body to reach homeostasis.