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PCT for 5-Week Tren Cycle


Hello all, my friend is planning a 5 week tren (acetate) cycle with standard dosages (5 weeks to see how it effects him, if he can withstand the sides, he plans on doing a 10 weeker later on in the year)

His stats: 24 yo, 210 pounds, 5ft 10 , spent 6 years under the bar

Anyway i've suggested the following PCT for him:

Week 1: 40mg/ed nolva
Week 2: 20mg/ed nolva

I've suggested only 2 weeks because of the short length of the cycle.

Are there any better pct stuctures he should consider or will that suffice?

Cheers in advance


tren only? do you not see a flaw in that? do some research please before asking questions that will inevitably get flamed.

If youre going to do a 2 week pct you may as well save the money and do none at all. Run 20mg of nolvadex for 4 weeks. Run 60mg the first few days.


I do see the flaw in it. It's not something I'd run myself by any means but he's intent on doing it, so the least I can do is suggest a decent pct.

What is the issue with 2 weeks apposed to 4, are you suggesting 2 weeks will have no effect in restoring HPTA? If so, why is this?


Of course it will have an effect. But doing nothing will also have an effect on HPTA restoration after only a 5 week cycle.


A 5 week Tren A cycle is retarded. It doesn't take 5 weeks to figure out how you'll react to Tren A. If you're going to do something, do it RIGHT. This is a waste of time, money, and T-Nation bandwidth.

I don't buy this bullshit about "friends" who are "intent" on running cycles and will not change their minds for any reason. If you're that concerned about your friend, do the research yourself, present your findings to said friend, and explain to them why what they've proposed is retarded and tell them what to do to make un-retarded.


lol, personally I couldnt care less whether you buy it or not queef. As aforementioned the 5 week cycle isn't my idea and it's not one I agree with either HOWEVER I asked the pct question on the basis that a person was to run this cycle. And " do research", lol I do love that. I'm fully conversant with many aspects of steroids but this question I could not find an answer for so as a form of RESEARCH I went onto a discussion board to see if any light could be shed.

I followed the "cycle proposal sticky" and gave as much detail as I felt was needed, yet still you feel the need to be a keyboard warrior and flame what was a simple question.



I'm glad I don't have shitty friends like you. Not even going to try to explain to "him" why it's stupid and a waste of money. You're a stand-up guy.
Also- are you illiterate?


lol now we're talking literature? Really?

I don't remember saying I hadn't told him it's not a great idea. Ah yes, that?s right I didn't. Stop talking out of your arse queef.

Unlike you I've got better stuff to be getting on with, stop wasting your own and more importantly my time.


hahahaha literature? No, we're not talking about books or a collection of works, we're talking about the very idea of being able to read and write (aka literacy). The fact that you blew that one too, leads me to believe I was right and you are illiterate. Thanks for proving my point.
You've still completely neglected the fact that most people can be "talked off a ledge" when proven what they are doing is stupid. Either you don't know why it's stupid or you can't get the words to form together in coherent sentences (just like in your writing, huh?)- Anyone ever call you deaf and dumb in school? LOL


Wow, I've never seen this amount of random rage, get a hold of yourself.


Well you must be new here; it's pretty common.

OP -
It's all been laid out above, but advise your "friend" to run the tren alongside a low dose of test, such as 200-250 mg / week (or dbol) to provide a basis for estrogen. That'll keep him functioning, and will minimize the sides typically seen with traditional high test / med-low tren cycles.

And as Bonez wrote, no chintzing on PCT - a full 4 weeks. Tren isn't some kiddie compound; it'll shut you down completely in far less than five weeks.


Cheers, finally a response without a 1000mg of dick wod with it.


And queef seriously, go get yourself a life, this is getting boring. There was very little wrong with my sentences anyway. And FYI (I can't believe I'm actually dignifying your comment with a retort) literature means "acquaintance with letters", not a collection of books, moron.

Oh and I have a BSc Hons in computer science which you don't get for being illiterate I'll tell you now. However I like to chill out on the grammar when i'm posting online, its not a big deal really... It's easily interpretable and that's what matters IMO.

Thanks again whotookmyname


just for curiosity and possibly comedy, what "standard doses" is your "friend" going to administer?


just for curiosity and possibly comedy, what "standard doses" is your "friend" going to administer?


Literature and literacy are two different things- why are you arguing this? You are only making yourself look like an idiot again. For the second or third time in a row now you have neglected to address the fact that you even understand exactly what is wrong with the cycle. The fact that 'whotookmyname' basically spoon-fed you the answer leads me to believe that in fact you don't know why it's a bad idea and either can't convince your "friend" or yourself of this.
I'm not entirely sure if you're actually this ignorant or if you're one of those guys that doesn't think twice about letting their friend drive home drunk.


lol if you don't know what a standard does of tren ace is then don't bother commenting. I said standard dose because he didn't mention a specific dose so I assumed (hoped) he's using a standard one. Not that funny really is it :-/

This wasn't a cycle proposal more of a hypothetical question. If somebody was to run xyz then what would this pct be sufficient?

And "friend" it really is, I'm in the same boat as you though, I usually see "my friend is running..." and immediately call bs. But on this occasion it actually is, I've got a lot more sense than to even touch tren, especially tren ace. If you must know I'm on my own cycle atm dbol,test(e),deca running with dex and caber, if you want to know a little more about that I'll gladly post the cycle structure and pct layout.


What does this even mean?


-.- I really can't be bothered going over this bs anymore. It's a bad idea, I'm aware. I asked a question, get over it, stop sucking each others dicks and get on with life...


No seriously. How is anyone expected to know what YOU consider a standard dose of tren. Stop being so melodramatic.


lol, I actually had to show this post to a couple people. Everyone agrees- you sound like Roger from American Dad.