PCT for 26Y/O Who’s Been Cruising For Way Too Long

Hey forum,

After doing a lot of research and reading a lot of conflicting ideas surrounding suitable Pct, I feel like I’m at a loss.

Basically, being a dumb ass mid 20 year old who went through a bad break up, I ran:

  • 12 week cycle of 500mg/week Test E (blasting)
  • 78 weeks of 125mg/week Test E (cruising)
  • Total of 80 weeks on test E without coming off.
  • Did not run anything else during the cycle, not even an AI

My concern, now that I’m older and looking towards things such as my future (ironic, isn’t it), is my PCT.

I’ve read a million things and still can’t get a grip on what PCT is right for me. Can somebody please help me determine how I can reset my natural test and libido. I’m completely lost rn.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

500iu HCG EOD for 3 weeks, then 4 weeks of 20mg daily Nolva


It may be a good idea to use the hcg while on the cruise for a bit sure to the duration of use.

Is hcg a definite? I know I need to run Nolva and l clomid. But I’m trying to gauge whether hcg is necessary. I’m reading a lot about it causing further suppression and being pointless during pct, so should I definitely run hcg?

You don’t for sure need it, but it can help if used properly. Don’t run it concurrently with a serm (nolva). That would be counterintuitive. One should run it before the serm if choosing to use HCG.

HCG will help recovery of testicular function, but will suppress the pituitary which releases lh and FSH (lh is mostly what signals the testicles to make testosterone). HCG is very similar to lh (the male body treats them the same). So when you inject HCG, your body won’t produce as much lh and FSH (a negative feedback loop). Before your serm pct you would use it as your body is already not producing lh and FSH (you can’t really suppress something you are not producing). Then once your testicles are full and producing, you stop the HCG and add the serm to get the pituitary going. Does that make sense?

Perhaps look up a diagram of the hpta (the system that produces sperm and testosterone). Try to understand it. You will understand why one would use hcg (and when one would use it) if you understand the system.

No, but it’s helpful if you’ve got it

You don’t run it during pct, you run it before you start the Nolva. And I’d say the Nolva should be run longer, like six weeks vs four. But otherwise the advice you were given is solid.

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This is fantastic advice. I’ve done a bit more research and understood the breakdown of the HPTA system. Genuinely, thank you everyone for your help. I’ve basically been relying on gym bro advice and probably overpaying for my gear for the entire time I entered the industry. Again, thank you all.

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After replying to you the other day, I saw this pop up on YouTube, and I thought it had a lot of info pertaining to your questions (and I agree with his assessments in this video).

This was a great watch. I’m understanding why it’s so important to run the correct drugs with the correct doses at the correct intervals. The human body is so damn intricate hey.

At this stage I’ve settled on:
Wk 1-3: HCG 500iu eod + 125mg test E per week + Aromasin
Wk 4: One week gap
Wk 5 - 11: Nolva 20/20/20/20/10/10

Does this look good?

Not even close.

Wk 1-3: HCG 500iu eod
Wk 4-10: Nolva 20mg/ed 6 weeks

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Not justified to run an AI as HCG causes aromatisation leading to high estrogen?

I don’t think you are going to aromatize enough on just HCG at 500 iu EOD to need an AI. I think blshaw’s recommendation is spot on.

You could keep running your cruise at 125 mg/wk for a few more weeks with the HCG (still shouldn’t need an AI), and then do 2-3 weeks of HCG (no Test or AI), then start your Nolva.

Either of these options is pretty solid in regards to how the body works, half life of the drugs, and how these drugs interact with the body.

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What @mnben87 said.

Alright done. I seriously appreciate the advice.
It’ll be 3 weeks of hcg 500 iu eod then 6 weeks of nolva.

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Just out of curiosity - at what point does dosage change for hcg and nolva? A friend of mine has been cruising for 4 years with intermittent blasts of tren ace.

Would he have a totally different pct to me?

If that was me, and I was going to come off, I would probably cruise at about 100-125 mg/wk for a couple months while using HCG and or HMG. It might be useful to use triptorelin in that case as well.

I don’t like to suffer, so I would probably run the Nolva longer. Perhaps running 10 mg a day for a couple months.

I had a friend that did Test, Tren and Mast for 18 months straight. He recovered fine, but used Clomid for about 6 months to recover. I think he did the standard dosage of like 50, 50, 25, 25 for the first four weeks, then did like 12.5 mg a day for 5 months.

I don’t think you need to go this extreme, and the SERMs have sides for some people.