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PCT for 20 Week Test E Cycle


PCT for 20 WEEK test e cycle

22 years old, 5â??9
5 years in the gym
2 years proper diet.
July 31st- 158 lbs
Dec 8th- 185 lbs

Weeks 1-16, 250 mg test e E5D
Weeks 1- 12 EQ 500 mg
Weeks 16-19 400 Mg Test E 400 Mg Test E

Nolva- 40/40/20/20
HCG- ???

I did this cycle after 2 years of hard work, to add some mass/strength for my sport.
It has helped me gain weight and strength tremendously after a sickness I had and wish to keep disclosed. Before my cycle, I have done 4 years of research on compounds and im not some idiot who just jumped into it. All im asking for is some help for a steady recovery. His cycle has taught me to be disciplined, and I KNOW I could have naturally got to this weight without aas. Any advice possible, thanks for your time.